2005 was the first season for Team Cyclesport.se. We started slow and did only races in Sweden. The team was managed by Dennis Nystrand and his brother Michael, whom both at the same time were riders in the team.

Focus of the racing schedule was to participate with a full team in every stage of the national road cycling cup for elite/U23 in Sweden. With only four riders on the roster there were frequently guest riders on the team to have enough riders in the cup-races. The guests mainly came from CK Bure in Halmstad, CK Ceres in Katrineholm and from other clubs within the same regional federation, Bohuslän-Dals CF.

The seasonal goal was to build a foundation on the management- and logistical side to be able to cope with both racing abroad and in Sweden with more riders on the roster in the year after.

Team Cyclesport.se 2005:
Christian Björkman (Frillesås)
Dennis Nystrand (Skara)
Mikael Nystrand (Uddevalla)
Johan Slånmark (Halmstad)

Guest riders:
Andreas Bengtsson (Halmstad)
Mattias Eriksson (Halmstad)
Ivar Fridén (Katrineholm)
Niklas Jonsson (Katrineholm)
Calle Sandell (Katrineholm)