Pierre Mongorgé

Pierre Mongorgé

Some facts about me…

  • Date of birth: 1992-03-07
  • Place of birth: Lyon, France
  • Place of residence: Uppsala, Sweden
  • My first bike: Décathlon
  • First bicycle race: At 16 years old, I finished 4th at a regional race and had a lot of fun !
  • First bicycle club: Entente Cycliste Pierre-Bénite/St Genis-Laval (ECPBSGL)
  • I started racing my bike because: Tired of football after 10 intense years, I have however always been excited watching the Tour de France, which led me to bike races.
  • Long term career goal: I now take year after year
  • Goals for 2015: Win races as well as helping the Team to win a lot !
  • My best cycling race ever: I have enjoyed so much every races I did outside Europe, in New Caledonia, Indonesia, Rwanda, China… but also Tour des Fjords, french races like Paris Roubaix U23 … and many others !



Some of my favourites…

  • Place to train: I like to vary, as long as I have friends coming along I am happy
  • Cycle race: So many!
  • Person I look up to: Numerous people have something good that can inspire me
  • Dish: As french gourmet, I appreciate various fine food
  • Gadget/Device: None
  • Movie: Into the wild, Inception