Hiski Kanerva

Hiski Kanerva
Some facts about me…

  • Date of birth: 1994-09-03
  • Place of birth: Helsinki, Finland
  • Place of residence: Vantaa, FInland
  • My first bike: Cannondale Caad9
  • First bicycle race: Simo Klimscheffskij Memorial Race
  • First bicycle club: Cycle Club Helsinki
  • I started racing my bike because:
  • Long term career goal: To be a professional
  • Goals for 2015: To make physical progress and help the team in races
  • My best cycling race ever: Finnish national championships in scratch 2012 & 2013



Some of my favourites…

  • Place to train: Spain
  • Cycle race: Scandinavian Race
  • Person I look up to: Jukka Heinikainen
  • Dish: Carolinas Cakes
  • Gadget/Device: My iPhone
  • Movie: The Hangover